Saturday, September 1, 2012

Corndog Diaries

Welcome to the Corndog Diaries.  I hope you enjoy this brief memoir - please leave a comment if you do.


Dear Abbey
Joining the Carnival 101
Brinks Concession
Corndog Redemption
Passion for Corndogs
Do You Travel?
This Day Will Never End
Ground Scores and Shake and PBQs
The End of a Short, Albeit Intense, Era

This memoir is dedicated to John, Terry and Rick.  I love you guys!

See the Alumni Posts on the Conklin Shows web site for more thoughts from more carnies.


  1. Hi, Thanks for the trip down the midway. I worked for the Zacchinis 1976-77. Love the picture of Teo. I remember sitting and talking with Teo and Lilly in their trailer after work when I brought in the money. I worked in the clowns belly for the glass house. Road with the train and also took over a room above the tracks in the witch. If I over slept would jump down and scare people as I ran out as not to get hit by the next.Anyway met another carnie from WI and have been here ever since. Never forgot the experience that you can get nowhere else. I wonder what happened to Teos Two son's?

    1. Looks like Chino is running "Troy's Hunt Club" in Alabama. I don't know the other brother.